5 Lifestyle Changes To Support Your Fitness Goals!

5 Lifestyle Changes To Support Your Fitness Goals!



Self Control is the reason why most of us struggle with weight loss. However, if you believe that you’ve inherited the low willpower gene, think again. Did you know willpower can actually be strengthened with proper training?  Just like lifting weights can pump up your muscles. And knowing the right exercises for your brain is the key to replenishing this resource.

Below are 5 lifestyle changes that will help improve decision making, conquer cravings, and keep your diet on track.

Eat the Right Carbs

Self-control is directly connected to blood sugar blood sugar. Replace sugary carbs with slow-to-digest carbs such as fruit, veggies, beans, and whole grains. And keep this tip in mind the next time you decide to indulge on a piece of cake during that last minute office party: refrain from eating sweets on an empty stomach — this will only result in a quick spike in sugar levels, followed by a sugar crash.

 Out of Sight, Out of Mouth

Avoid purchasing or being around your favorite pleasure foods. These are your personal “trigger” foods, as well as those universal  foods that contain the combo of sugar, fat, and salt: French fries, salty snacks, baked goods, ice cream, pizza, and chocolate. Even just being in the presence of these classic comfort foods can suck up your self-control. Yet avoiding eye contact will encourage you to stay focused.

Limit Food Media

Did you know food commercials and advertises can increase your cravings. Even when when we watch cooking shows or spend time scrolling through drool-worthy food images and recipes on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.So in other words, stop with the #foodieporn.

Plan Ahead

Meal prep is becoming very popular! Meal prep saves you money, time and will save you those extra pounds. Also, always shop with a grocery list — this simple strategy will help limit the number of times you need to tap into your willpower.

Get Enough Shut-Eye

How many hours of sleep are you getting? Lack of sleep, no matter the cause, is a willpower wrecker. Aim to get no less than 7 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep promotes increased junk food cravings.


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