5 Ways To Ensure You Get Up and Workout!

5 Ways To Ensure You Get Up and Workout!

The best way to never miss a workout is to cross it off your list first thing of day — so easy, right? Wrong! Some early birds can get up and workout early, but for many of us, waking up and working out is quite a challenge. We love our sleep; we love our snooze buttons.  People who workout in the morning actually work harder than people who work out at other times of the day, and working out harder means more gains.

Now are you ready to set your alarm for an hour earlier tomorrow morning? These tips will certainly help you out!

  1. When the alarm goes off, get up! Don’t push the snooze button.  Put yourself on auto-pilot and just do it.
  2. Get your workout clothes together the night before. Place your workout gear close to your bed and get dressed when you get up.
  3. Make a date. Friends help you commit to your health goals even more! Set a meeting time and place, and then make sure you show up on time. Your friend needs you!
  4. Do a personal training session or a small group session. Working out with other people keeps you motivated during the process.
  5. You know that song, the one that always makes you want to move? Maybe it’s the first track on your workout playlist. Wake up to that song — hearing your favorite tunes should get you moving!

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