HIIT at Positive Vibes Fitness. No rows of cardio equipment, like you do at most gyms. We use a much more effective (and a lot more fun) way to do “cardio”. Our Metabolic group sessions are our version of a cardio workout. They burn calories, get...
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PVF Strong

Total Body group sessions are structured to take the place of a full body strength workout. These types of workouts are our #1 priority to burn calories and build lean muscle to boost your metabolism for the long term. These group sessions are in sets...
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Kettlebell Khaos

This is the only class of this type in the area! Kettlebell training is a great way to shake things up and give you a full body workout, burn a ton of calories, and get your metabolism going. A kettlebell is a weight that looks like a cannonball with...
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