Smart Choices For Bedtime Meals

Smart Choices For Bedtime Meals

You Can Eat At Bedtime

I often hear people say something like “I don’t eat after 7:30pm” or is it 8 o’clock…? Well, you don’t have to completely avoid eating before bedtime. You can still eat at night and still keep your body in fat burning mode. The key is knowing WHAT to eat before going to bed. Here are three simple rules to follow when choosing a pre-bedtime meal.
No Carbs: Carbs are a bad choice for an evening meal. Be sure to eat your carbs earlier in the day so you have time to burn them. You don’t want to be storing fat as you sleep. At night your metabolism slows as your body prepares for sleep.
Choose Protein: Slow digesting proteins such as white meat chicken and turkey are great nighttime meal choices. They digest slowly, and they don’t trigger a significant insulin response. Eating carbs (and some proteins such as red meat) creates an insulin release and cause your body to store fat, instead of burning it.

Good Fats: Healthy fats like nut, oils, and nut butters are also great choices for evening meals. They help in slowing digestion, while giving you the feeling of fullness

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