Ketogenic Diet For 30 Days

Ketogenic Diet For 30 Days

30 Days of Ketogenic

Ketogenic diet… I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately – including some testimonials about keto supplements. I thought, “why would somebody want to intentionally eat a high fat diet?” I eat healthy fats normally, but I couldn’t get my mind around purposely eating butter and bacon. The scientist in me was intrigued.

After doing some research, the thought of altering my body’s energy system sounded like something I wanted to do. I was going to be “keto” for the next 30 days.

I bought a cookbook, to make sure I was eating ketogenic meals. The book not only gave recipes, but it described the process of ketosis and why eating keto was the way to eat for optimal health.

I chose a few recipes from the book to start with, and I planned to start on Monday. So, I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients over the weekend: on my list was butter, chicken thighs, coconut oil, and bone broth.

Weighing in every morning, I also decided that I was going to track my body weight. I weighed 177lbs two days before starting.

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