Interview On Empire Radio

Interview On Empire Radio

Empire Radio Interview

I returned a phone call that was an invite to do an 8-minute interview for Empire Radio Having never heard of Empire Radio, I was a little skeptical. Nevertheless, I called them back. The lady on the phone asked me my information: name, email address, etc.. We setup a time for the interview for 10:52am, and she explained that I would get an email with the interview questions. So far… So good. I received the email and returned it.

On June 16, at 10:45 the phone rang. I’m not sure why – but I was a little nervous before the call. The guy on the phone introduced himself as Robert Whetham. He told me he was going to put me on hold and when he came back, we would be “Live”. I heard a promo for the “Professionals Roundtable”. I Start thinking, okay this might be real. We’ll be live, but who’s listening?

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