Hungry Ketogenic Diet Day 1

Not Hungry?

Hungry is something that I am always. I woke up on day one ready to go… I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t hungry. That’s new! My normal breakfast is Shakeology. I updated it to omelette with turkey sausage and cheese – cooked in butter. I eat a lot of omelets, but the butter thing was different. It was good, but it didn’t taste like my normal omelets – and I wasn’t very hungry. I nearly forced myself to finish it. I felt full and ready for the day.

For lunch… I still wasn’t very hungry. I made some Philly Cheesteak Rollups, roast beef rolled around cheese and peppers and onions cooked in coconut oil. Again taste wise, it was good. But I’m not used to eating food that I would consider to be greasy. So it was a bit of a struggle. I had no thoughts of qutting, but I did remind myself that it was the first day… Eating all that oil was going to take some getting used to.

There was no out of the ordinary fatigue. I was able to take a very deep power nap before my evening sessions. I woke feeling recharged instead of groggy. Hmmm.. Dinner was tuna salad lettuce wraps – with plenty mayonnaise. For the next 29 days, that is going to be the norm.

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