Our Team

Our coaches guide you through personalized programs. They motivate you and make sure that you adhere to your fitness goals.

You’ll  enjoy working with our team of coaches, who also have some pretty great personalities if we do say so ourselves.

  • David E. Cox

    ACE, Precision Nutrition PN1
    When it comes to training, you can’t just train the body – you must also train the mind, because they are one. People impose limitations...
  • Darrin Jones

    I love working out.  Not just for the sake of exercising but for the sake meeting the mental challenges different workouts present.  It nurtures...
  • Marque Jones

    Russian Kettlebell
    A workout buff since high school, Marque enjoys being a part of the success of the clients. He loves helping people reach their personal goals...
  • Tonya Petty

    I really enjoy group training, because it allows me to really connect and meet new people. I’m passionate about helping people achieve...