Sleep Ketogenic Diet Day 2

Sleep Is A Benefit

Sleep again was great. I woke up without any grogginess. My co-experimenter Taryn McKensie Grey also commented about her sleep. So I’m recording this as a benefit. I’m a creature of habit – so I ate the same breakfast. The butter was more tolerable, but the richness of the food is still a bit much.

Man, I have been peeing a lot (no TMI.. this is science!). My energy level was still good. I didn’t have had more or less energy than normal.

Later in the day, I had a little scratch in my throat. I thought “oh oh – I hope I don’t get sick” The scratchy throat reminded me of when I stopped eating gluten (for the 2nd) 4yrs ago. As my body was detoxing from wheat, I felt tired, sick, and my throat was scratchy. So, I was a little scared. But it passed.

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