Will You Walk On A Wire Like Philippe Petit?

Will You Walk On A Wire Like Philippe Petit?

Walk on a wire?  Let’s face it, a lot of people make resolutions every January 1st, but very few people actually commit to them.

It wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution, but when Philippe Petit set a goal for himself in 1973, he was willing to die. Now you may think that’s a bit drastic, but you can’t question his commitment. But, in order to achieve a goal, you have to have an unwavering commitment.

A few years ago, I watched a documentary called Man On Wire. Philippe Petit. On August 7, 1974 he walked on a wire he illegally rigged between the twin towers in New York City.

He saw a picture of the twin towers, and he set a goal to walk on a wire between them. He studied, he practiced, and along with a group of accomplices, he plotted and planned as if he were planning a bank robbery. With the amount of time and effort he put into doing it, there was NO question about him being committed. The thought of the walk consumed him.

After 10 minutes I realized that it was about so much more than a man doing something crazy. It was about goal setting, facing challenges, and living your dream – and even being willing to pay the ultimate price to do so. He took his first step onto the wire realizing that he may be about to die. Yet he was drawn onto the wire by his passion and commitment to achieving his goal. He didn’t die. He stayed on the wire for about 40 minutes, walking, sitting and even laying down. The police watched and waited from the rooftop, and he was later arrested. But, not until he achieved his goal.

Are you as committed as Phillipe?

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